Kenworth Business Services Ltd
5a High Street
B61 8AJ


                Kenworth Business Services Ltd. is a firm specializing in offsite business support services.
If you are in need of a Virtual Office, call the professionals. You'll save on overhead costs and
have extra time to devote to your more important tasks.
                Anyone starting a business has to make the decision whether to rent or buy an office and 
                staff it from day one or buy in business services and take on help as the business can afford it.
                By bringing the work to us, you don't have to provide office space, 
                a desk, a computer or incur costs associated with another 
                Large and small companies, entrepreneurs, consultants, 
                self-employed and sales people are now finding it profitable 
                to outsource their office needs. Teachers, students, and 
                many other individuals also make use of our services.